Sunday, 1 February 2009

Vous allez me detester. Pourquoi? Vous le saurez demain

Hussein Chalayan; what a geeeeenius. I almost cried at his exhibition I thought it was that good. Then again I also cried at Viktor and Rolf and Tim Walker so maybe I'm a bit emotionally fucked up at galleries...

I felt like a bit of a perv with my huge lens. I practically had it on continuous shots because I wanted to get so many pictures. The atmosphere was really creepy... the sound of the wind machines and the track from the futuristic projector installation gave the whole exhibition quite an eery feel. But nonetheless I was quite blown away by his work, and the execution of it too; the mannequins standing around painting walls or stuck behind a panel of glass made you feel like you weren't alone. Creeped us right out.

Plus, during the video installation of the S/S 07 show, when the morphing garments came on the runway, all you could hear was me Hollie and Kitty going '...No fucking way...' the whole way through. Check the video out, it's well good.

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