Sunday, 6 March 2011

mm waaaa

i want the olympus ep-2/3 so badd... i gotta start selling some shit.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


sacre blleeeu! sass&bide stud harness. too nice. i wanna stroke it. i think i like studs too much. $424 is about £260. err yeah not that expensive for an item so bold you'll probs only wear once or twice. and studs on the shoulders hurt, like my ragged priest cardi, i always have dents in my skin for hours after carrying a bag. waaaaa could probably make something similar anyway.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Blimey it's been literally a year since I posted...

And my those 365 days have been quite eventful.

I came back from travelling which was the best thing I could have done with my summer, though I wish I hadn't felt so ill most of the time! A 4 month long trip from London>Auckland, New Zealand> Fiji Islands> Sydney, Australia, Up the beautiful east coast, Cairns> Bangkok> Siem Reap, Pnom Penh, Sianoukville, Cambodia> Ho Chi Minh City, Dalat, Hoi An, Hanoi, Vietnam> Bangkok where we spent a lazy month travelling between the islands of Koh Pha Ngan and Koh Tao. Full moon party July 2010! Lou and I had the best birthday ever too.

We did everything from swimming with sharks to bungee jumps and skydives, to visiting orphanages and canyoning down 20m waterfalls. I met some absolutely incredible people who I'll never forget. And then I came back, and had nothing to do for the 3 months I had to wait to start uni...which was a massive let down.

SO I'm trying to regain my creativity and do something with myself, and with the lovely Emma-Kate Wood who worked with me on my last shoots when I was rebranding Jean Paul Gaultier for a (shite) uni project. So hopefully we can join forces and will be an absolutely bodacious dreamteam.

There was some pretty sweet styling for the shoot, including EKs gorgeous petrol blue cone bra and matching velvet panelled high waist pants with suspender clips. We had the stunning Phoebe to model for me again and she looked sensational - after editting the photos I can say I was super happy with how the shoot went. My next shoot was similar but more of a bad/girl vibe with lovely Kim, & my buddy Feyi letting me paint him with breton strips and force a pair of glasses made out of bones onto him.

That was some damn good chicken.

& I suck at editing which was all done on iphoto. I think it shows I really wasn't feeling this project from the start.

So things are going to start getting better, and a little more creative around here. Here's to 2011!

Sunday, 21 February 2010

what is my problem

I can't seem to stick to my word and actually write on this thing. Now i know i don't really need to impress any potential uni's... can't be bothered. I'm a terrible tired twat.

Got my tatt didn't i. yeaaah.

Soo in the process of sorting out photos, starting some prep etc, so will be up asap.
also in the process of booking some flights to australia and driving up and down the east coast, AREN'T WE!
also slightly obsessed with lamebook and chatroulette still, and am willing to tell my tales, if anyone should desire.

Too funny.

Work at the pow is still as hilarious as ever. Though I may need to cool off the ol' hours, they aint as sexy as they used ta be.
Went for a real nice V day dinner, though not on the actual V day, because we're rebs and we didn't want to conform. But we did go anyway and it was divine, not even joking, Inamo, pronounced correctly as in-arr-mo not, ina-mo. as i pointed out. many times before. ....♥ is as Fat Lou calls it, incroyable.


i'll get better i promise.

Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I haven't posted anything in months... been too busy. Too too busy! Working everyday took every ounce of energy out of me, so I have spent this past seasonal holiday trying to recuperate. Still feel like I have an elephants foot on my chest and a desert for a brain though. nyeurghh.

So 2010 is upon us, Happy New Year. Everyone keeps saying they hope it's going to be better then last year, but last year treated me pretty good. I have more good memories then bad, some memories I wish I couldn't remember but I do, and others that I will never ever forget. It's so weird to think that it's been a year since this time last year already... I got my puppies on the 17/01/09 (still fucking mental, my mum thinks they're inbred,) went to Berlin on the 19/01/09 (TOO weird that's been and gone a year ago!) befriended some of the most funniest/nuts people I have ever known, finished my Ravensbourne foundation course with a distinction, (can't remember how...) went to Pria D'aoura with C&S for a week of literal insanity, rejected uni offers and embarked on a year of solid work at the ol' P.O.W and au pairing for families in North London, preparing to travel with the most original plan around S.E Asia. bring it awwwn.

Going to be house sitting in the next few days for one of my lovely families, can't wait to hang out with Sir Gabriel, Percy and Princess Lea (cats.) Should be nice to get away for a few days too, and go to inamo (yumyumyum )

this year is the year of making things that didn't work before, work. i can only attempt things so many times but THIS IS THE YEAR. bring on the challenges of ucas, travelling, and just general living; i seem to need assistance with the latter.

Gonna be taking some photos with mr. clever graham soon. should be nice. also tattoo soon. been a bit of a loser with it really and it is time to man up.

i'm listening to - twilight soundtrack
mumford and sons

Friday, 4 September 2009

Jody Barton is one of my favourite illustrators anyway, but I found this illustration tattoo whilst i've been researching stuff for mine which I think will be done on the 14th... and i love this! its so cute, it reminds me of the stupid things we used to cover each other in science when we were 14/15. talking about mcfly and shit.

just ordered meself an new watch innit.

i like this day of the dead sugar skull muchos.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Somerset house design download competition

7 Fashion House patterns
Print off piece together
Construct garment photograph and style

I believed I had a week to do it, rushed it, managed to make 3 versions...
Found out I had an extra month, ignored extension,
Forgot to do it... came back from Antibes and made the Yohji Yamamoto jacket in 4 hours...

Rushed it, 3 days till deadline, probably did it wrong, forced Pheebs to model for me...

And this is what I came back with....

Ffff' ing stunning photos, TAAAA!

Thank you again to Phoebe, saved my aaaaarse!!

Friday, 3 July 2009

Monday, 29 June 2009

gosh it's been a while

que pasa nino?

oh my daays i haven't written in ages...
i've been too busy i guess. my mac is down in the repair shop, fingers crossed they don't suss out all my naughty programs i got on that bad boy...

my cameras been not much use to me because i couldnt find the charger. hence why i used the nikon D80 at the fashion show which went AMAZINGLY well thanks.

the music was good, went well with the selection of clothes, the models all looked sick and the execution was just damn perfect. not bad seeing as the night before we had....nothing.

i was asked to do an interview for rave on air which i hated because i was tired and haggard and looked deeeeeeeskustin. but it's all fun and games, the parents had a good chortle when it was broadcasted in the studio.


anyway, just got back from albuferia (09 with the lads, and t shirts, and hoodies, obviously.)

too many jokes, too many jokes. i actually love the horse and mother owl. was an experience i will never forget.

for example, 'don't mean to be funny yeah, but i really don't fancy just WALKING out of a window.' -you don't understand how funny that actually was.



Making manymanymany plans for this summer so i don't evaporate with boredom.

The lover BH an i are gonna crack on, IMGN will be up and running very soon, lets hope it won't cost FUCKING £80 quid to produce this time huh???????????

it's all good i got a distinction :)

so future plans: lots of design &production, printing, promoting,and most importantly, parttyyying. look out for the faux boys out on the streets ya git me.


Sunday, 29 March 2009

spot the nightmare

i cracked up so much at this one...mission impossible of the year award?

baby, did you forget to take your meds?

Friday, 27 March 2009

lame? i'll give you lame.

today i covered david in blood and pushed him in a bucket of water. only joking.
the photos have come out nice. deffinitely gorier then the first set.
now where's my cable?

Friday, 20 March 2009

Strobe light and slow shutter speed=my worst nightmare.

The first photoshoot of the project - I'm really happy with how these have come out, I think Rosa looks amazing, and the style really suits her, PLUS she put up with having her skin stained for a day. I got really good feedback from these photos and all the bloody planning I did.

I need to do some editting - the final photos that go into the zine will have white eyes like I planned, and I most probably will enhance the photos to look a little brighter because they're quite dark at the moment.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

1st photoshoot prep

photoshoot prep 1 - real thing to come