Sunday, 21 February 2010

what is my problem

I can't seem to stick to my word and actually write on this thing. Now i know i don't really need to impress any potential uni's... can't be bothered. I'm a terrible tired twat.

Got my tatt didn't i. yeaaah.

Soo in the process of sorting out photos, starting some prep etc, so will be up asap.
also in the process of booking some flights to australia and driving up and down the east coast, AREN'T WE!
also slightly obsessed with lamebook and chatroulette still, and am willing to tell my tales, if anyone should desire.

Too funny.

Work at the pow is still as hilarious as ever. Though I may need to cool off the ol' hours, they aint as sexy as they used ta be.
Went for a real nice V day dinner, though not on the actual V day, because we're rebs and we didn't want to conform. But we did go anyway and it was divine, not even joking, Inamo, pronounced correctly as in-arr-mo not, ina-mo. as i pointed out. many times before. ....♥ is as Fat Lou calls it, incroyable.


i'll get better i promise.