Tuesday, 5 January 2010


I haven't posted anything in months... been too busy. Too too busy! Working everyday took every ounce of energy out of me, so I have spent this past seasonal holiday trying to recuperate. Still feel like I have an elephants foot on my chest and a desert for a brain though. nyeurghh.

So 2010 is upon us, Happy New Year. Everyone keeps saying they hope it's going to be better then last year, but last year treated me pretty good. I have more good memories then bad, some memories I wish I couldn't remember but I do, and others that I will never ever forget. It's so weird to think that it's been a year since this time last year already... I got my puppies on the 17/01/09 (still fucking mental, my mum thinks they're inbred,) went to Berlin on the 19/01/09 (TOO weird that's been and gone a year ago!) befriended some of the most funniest/nuts people I have ever known, finished my Ravensbourne foundation course with a distinction, (can't remember how...) went to Pria D'aoura with C&S for a week of literal insanity, rejected uni offers and embarked on a year of solid work at the ol' P.O.W and au pairing for families in North London, preparing to travel with the most original plan around S.E Asia. bring it awwwn.

Going to be house sitting in the next few days for one of my lovely families, can't wait to hang out with Sir Gabriel, Percy and Princess Lea (cats.) Should be nice to get away for a few days too, and go to inamo (yumyumyum )

this year is the year of making things that didn't work before, work. i can only attempt things so many times but THIS IS THE YEAR. bring on the challenges of ucas, travelling, and just general living; i seem to need assistance with the latter.

Gonna be taking some photos with mr. clever graham soon. should be nice. also tattoo soon. been a bit of a loser with it really and it is time to man up.

i'm listening to - twilight soundtrack
mumford and sons