Monday, 29 June 2009

gosh it's been a while

que pasa nino?

oh my daays i haven't written in ages...
i've been too busy i guess. my mac is down in the repair shop, fingers crossed they don't suss out all my naughty programs i got on that bad boy...

my cameras been not much use to me because i couldnt find the charger. hence why i used the nikon D80 at the fashion show which went AMAZINGLY well thanks.

the music was good, went well with the selection of clothes, the models all looked sick and the execution was just damn perfect. not bad seeing as the night before we had....nothing.

i was asked to do an interview for rave on air which i hated because i was tired and haggard and looked deeeeeeeskustin. but it's all fun and games, the parents had a good chortle when it was broadcasted in the studio.


anyway, just got back from albuferia (09 with the lads, and t shirts, and hoodies, obviously.)

too many jokes, too many jokes. i actually love the horse and mother owl. was an experience i will never forget.

for example, 'don't mean to be funny yeah, but i really don't fancy just WALKING out of a window.' -you don't understand how funny that actually was.



Making manymanymany plans for this summer so i don't evaporate with boredom.

The lover BH an i are gonna crack on, IMGN will be up and running very soon, lets hope it won't cost FUCKING £80 quid to produce this time huh???????????

it's all good i got a distinction :)

so future plans: lots of design &production, printing, promoting,and most importantly, parttyyying. look out for the faux boys out on the streets ya git me.